Dorine Gross 
 Master Artist
About Dorine Gross
Dorine Gross is a native of Detroit and  currently a resident of Rye, NH since 1986.  In addition to winning numerous  National prestigious awards and prizes Dorine has had more than twenty, one and two person, art exhibits and participated in over 75 invitational and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. Corporate and Institutions have acquired her art for their collections. Some are: Fidelity Corporation Household International, CHEMPLEX Corporation, AMOCO Oil, William Rainey Harper College,  Brena College's "Collection of American Art", the State of New Hampshire along with many private residences in the United States and Europe.
While living in Chicago Dorine was elected into the Artist Guild of Chicago and earned a  Master of Fine Arts in Art Theory and Practice from Northwestern University.  Dorine became part of the New Realists movement since her work was juried into the 1982 National Exhibition at Mongerson Gallery in Chicago.  She has exhibited her paintings and drawings at many prominent venues.  Some of these include:  The Art Institute of Chicago;  GWV Smith Art Museum, Springfield, MA;  The Butler Institute of Art, Youngstown, OH; Pittsburg Center for Arts, Pittsburg, PA; The Currier Museum of Art, as well as, The New Hampshire Institute of Art both in Manchester, NH.  Her work is currently exhibited at Art 3 Gallery in Manchester, NH.   American Artist featured her work in a 1990 article.   Dorine continues to make art and takes her work in exciting new directions .
Artist Statement
The contemporary realistic still life and land or seascape paintings that I create are historically influenced by the content of 17th Century Netherlandish Art.  Primarily I am a studio painter. Sometime I juxtapose a landscape and still life within one painting to tell a single story.  Another time a painting will be a personal story about the sea, land, or a still life of items that I have gathered.  The viewer might find that these items or scenes evoke memories from their own personal story.
Occasionally I use a dark background to create a stage where the elements become actors and the space for one is equally important to the other.  The hues that I use are strong and demanding, not unlike the voices of stage actors.  The compositions are created to bring forth strong emotional reactions and build awareness of your own personal response toward imagery.  What is important to me is that you can become visually and emotionally aware of yourself  and find new appreciation of your  surroundings by looking at  art.
Retired from instructing painting and drawing at the college level, Dorine continues to present workshops and lectures at art institutions, art schools and art clubs.
Dorine continues to be available to jury local, regular and national art exhibits for art schools, clubs and institutions.
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